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To Join Chorus

Do you see yourself singing along with us?

You may have been singing in another chorus or choir and would like to get back in action.

If you can read music and have some choral experience and, of course, want to have a bit of fun every Tuesday evening, then it’s time to call the Music Doctor – Lena Palermo, musical director and conductor of the Peninsula Singers.

Just email her at:

And now, here’s what some stalwart members of the Peninsula Singers have to say about the experience.

“It is the joy of singing in a group that attracts me to The Peninsula Singers. It is Fun with a capital “F”! Glenda also raises the bar of excellence and – amazingly — we measure up. There is a great sense of accomplishment”-– Bob Fowler, baritone


Adrienne Marlies“As a member of the audience in past years, I noticed how smartly put together the chorus and conductor are, how well-rehearsed, and how much they enjoy being there. Now, as a member, I find the camaraderie in memorizing our music boosts my brain better than Sudoku!” — Lynda Miller, alto

“Singing with The Peninsula Singers is so energizing!” —Louise Jovanovic, President of The Peninsula Singers and member of the alto section.


Only sing in the shower?

You may not be ready to sing with us, but we always need people to help behind the scenes, building sets, making costumes, helping back stage during concerts—the list is long. Please contact us at and help us “put the show on the road”!

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