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Here are two recommendations from experienced Singers!

“Since I joined the Singers, “a night out with the boys” has a whole new meaning. I’m singing along with 15 or 20 other guys, all with individual musical capabilities—which range from modest to almost professional. What we have In common is a love of choral music and we do have fun. If we get lost or hit the wrong note or word, it’s easily overcome since there is always some guy nearby to get you back on track. Our occasional Saturday morning sessions—men only–help us keep even or ahead of the women. Each show features us on our own. We’ve sung everything from “There Is Nothin Like a Dame” to “The Good Old Hockey Game”, and they’re inevitably a comedy highlight. Apart from the fun we have, there’s much satisfaction in seeing our audiences smile and then applaud. Our Director, Lena Palermo, is the source of that with her experience, musicality and great good humour.”—Don Macnamara

“Peninsula Singers is a chorus like no other on the South Island. We have a dedicated following of community members from Victoria through to Sidney and, as they tell us at the end of every concert series, “that was your best concert!” And we wonder, how can we top that. But apparently, we do. Our energy, joie de vivre and thematically based programs send audience members home with a smile and a song in their hearts. Under the dynamic and good-humoured direction of Lena Palermo, we enjoy the collaborative work required to sell out six performances a year at the Charlie White Theatre in the Mary Winspear Centre.”—Louise Jovanovic, President of The Peninsula Singers and member of the alto section.