Thank you for your interest in the Peninsula Singers!  You can read our story on this link:  If you move around our website, you’ll see additional links to our Facebook and our YouTube pages.  This is especially helpful if you’ve not been to one of our concerts, though we hope that you have, of course.


Now that we’ve got your attention and you think you’d like to sign up, please fill out the application on this link:  Singers join on a season-by-season basis, rather than yearly, giving you more flexibility. And we rehearse each Tuesday evening from 7 to 9:30 pm at 1973  Cultra Ave, Saanichton (St.Mary’s Church). 

 Because we are a unique institution and believe in the importance of highlighting all our Singers in our marketing materials, we schedule official photo shoots—hoping to get as many of you as possible in the picture.  This photo forms the basis for all our marketing materials, such as posters (in various sizes), rack cards, advertising and sponsorship proposals, our website and Facebook pages.  The shoots are scheduled approximately six weeks into spring rehearsal and four weeks into the Christmas rehearsals.  On Saturday mornings the tenors and basses gather for their own mini-rehearsals. 

As well, one month prior to official show dates we go through a full technical/dress rehearsal on the Thursday night before the shows open.

The Big Show: For the autumn season, our Christmas concert series takes place the first weekend of December. For Spring, our series takes place on the last weekend of April or early May, whichever comes first. We sing off book, include choreography in our numbers and special attention is paid to emerging Young Artists.  We are led by the able and talented Artistic Director, Lena Palermo. She is joined by our accompanist, Christie Norman, our percussionist, Terry Erskine and our bass player, Jennifer Bennett. Our shows also feature our sophisticated and witty Jim Kingham, as Master of Ceremonies.  All of their bios can be found on the “About Us” link.


The Artistic Director selects all songs for each season; and chooses which songs to practise at rehearsal.  She ensures that the choir moves through only portions of a song at a time, culminating in the choir being asked to memorize all pieces for final performances.  Depending on the song, she may also choose to add simple choreography; and she ensures that all members are able to perform and memorize everything.

 During rehearsals, Singers support each other by actively listening to one another; and by being actively silent when the Director is speaking. Between rehearsals, we are encouraged to practise at home; and are supplied with two CDs for our use: one instrumental, the other a full-choral version of each show’s repertoire.  Section representatives may also set up extra optional practices outside of Tuesday evenings, to encourage team building and to help members move forward with their music. Singers may only miss three rehearsals: any more and he or she would need to make special arrangements with the Artistic Director.  When you are going to miss a rehearsal, you’re to let your section rep know. 

 Soloists and small group ensembles are chosen at the discretion of the Director.  These people may be asked to attend extra rehearsals outside of Tuesday evenings, to practice solely with her.


The current Vice President is our logistical coordinator, and determines where all members sit.  That will depend on which section you sing in, your height and the total number of individuals sitting in each row.  Often individuals need to be shifted in order to accommodate these variables. The coordinator will place a sticky note with your name on it, on a specific chair for each of the first several weeks. You may be moved around until she and the Director are satisfied that you’re in the best spot for you and for our sound.


At rehearsals, the only requirement is that all Singers are present and scent-free.  Several current members of the choir are extremely allergic to perfumes, colognes and other scents. For the shows, section representatives will help individuals sort out what wardrobe will be provided at no charge; and what items you will need to supply from your own closet.


The Singers call on members to volunteer for Executive Committee positions, as well as several additional support positions for each season.  The sitting President informs the Singers as to what positions need to be filled.

The Singers regularly donate to a number of local charities, in particular the Music Therapy Program of Saanich Peninsula Hospital Foundation.  To that end, the Singers are invited to perform a “mini-show” of some of each season’s songs, for the residents in Extended Care at SPH.  This is a voluntary performance for members; attendance is encouraged but not officially required.


The fee for a season is $100.  Research has shown that this fee is among the lowest required of all choirs in the Greater Victoria region.


Interested individuals are asked to contact the us on the application section of this website (Application Form), where you will indicate what voice you sing in (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass); if you read music; and if you have had any experience singing with a choir or choral group.  Your application for membership will be evaluated based on the skills and experience you have declared, combined with your audition.  Auditions require the singing of your part (soprano, alto, tenor or bass) from a set piece of music that you will be given to prepare in advance.  Final decisions on membership are based on this evaluation, along with available space in the choir, which is limited based on performance space and choral balance.


Singers may “try out” the choir for up for two weeks.  If you decide not to sing after that period, fees cannot be refunded.

  But we know you’ll love us; and look forward to singing with you soon!

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