Peninsula Singers Membership Terms and Conditions:

Before completing your application that is located below, please take a moment to review this important information about being a member the Peninsula Singers.

Members of the Peninsula Singers are expected to attend all rehearsals and performances.  A schedule is issued at the beginning of each session (spring and fall) to help you plan your availability.  You can expect to be needed every Tuesday night for regular rehearsals, and on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoon during concert weeks.  You will also be required for a Saturday afternoon rehearsal 2-3 weeks prior to concert week, and for a photo shoot early during each session.

You may also be asked to attend sectional rehearsals.  Tenors and basses typically have five sectional rehearsals per session, held on Saturday mornings at 10 AM.  Other voices call sectional rehearsals as required.  If you are unable to attend a sectional rehearsal, you will be expected to find out what was covered, and to be equally prepared by the next regular rehearsal.

Members must be able to fully participate in choir activities.  This includes singing, performing moderate choreography on stage, moving on and off risers and up and down stage steps, and standing for extended periods of time.  During final concert preparations and performances, members may be required to stand for up to an hour at a time.

Members are expected to perform ‘off book’.  This means that all music and lyrics must be memorized not later than four weeks prior to performance.

Members who show a lack of preparedness for performance will be required to demonstrate their readiness to perform before being allowed on stage.  Members who miss more than three rehearsals during a session will not be allowed to perform other than in exceptional circumstances.  If you have travel or other plans that will result in you missing more than three rehearsals, please consider joining us for the next session.

Membership fees must be paid not later than the third rehearsal in each session. Singers may “try out” the choir for up to Two Weeks. If you decide not to sing after that period, fees CANNOT BE REFUNDED.

Male members of the Peninsula Singers are required to provide their own black standard tuxedo, plain white shirt (tuxedo shirt with black, silver or gold studs and cuff links preferred) and black bow tie.  All members will be required to provide black socks/stockings and shoes for performances.  Women’s wardrobe, along with accessories for all members, are provided for you, and remain the property of the choir at all times.

Your application for membership will be evaluated based on the skills and experience you have declared, combined with your audition.  Auditions require the singing of your part (soprano, alto, tenor or bass) from a set piece of music that you will be given to prepare in advance.  Final decisions on membership are based on this evaluation, along with available space in the choir, which is limited based on performance space and choral balance.

We thank everyone who expresses interest in joining the Peninsula Singers.  We will update you on the status of your application as soon as possible.


If you are interested in joining for the 2023 Spring session, please complete and submit your on-line application form. Our Artistic Director will contact you.

Thank you for your interest in the Peninsula Singers!  Please read our Membership Terms and Conditions and if you are in agreement please complete the application form located below so that we can learn more about you.  Once we receive your form, you will be contacted to schedule an audition with our artistic director Lena Palermo.  In the meantime, you can learn more about the Singers online at:

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